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Once you have your list of barcodes, you need to follow these steps:

1. Login to the admin section panel of your Bigcommerce sitesite 

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2. Click on Products -> Export Products
3. From the available templates choose "Bulk Edit"
4. You can leave the file format on Export to Microsoft Excel
5. Click Continue, then click the link "Export my products to a CSV file" which appears in the pop up window
6. Click "Download my products file"
7. Open the CSV file, Excel is probably best for this
8. You will now have an open spreadsheet with all of your products and their values and settings in Bigcommerce
9. If you look for the column "BW" it should be "Product UPC/EAN", this is the column you are looking for
10. What you now need to do is enter into this column the matching barcode/UPC value you have been given for each of your products
11. Once you have done this, save the changes to the file
12. Return to Bigcommerce and go to Products -> Import Products
13. Tick the box which says "Bulk edit re-import"
14. Scroll down the page to the File Details section and click "Choose file"
15. Browse to the file you have saved, click Open and then Next in the bottom right hand corner of the Bigcommerce screen
16. The next screen will show you which fields it will populate from which columns in the CSV file, read through and make sure they are correct
17. Click Next, then click Start Import
18. The import process will now run and in the meantime, you can return to ChannelUnity
19. In ChannelUnity, go to Setup -> Describe Product Fields
20. Here, you need to match the Marketplace Field -> Barcode/UPC matched with the Your Online Store Field of UPC
21. Click the "Save changes" button
22. If you can now go to Setup -> Online Stores and click the green Synchronise button
23. Now when you list your items on Amazon it will pull across the UPC values you have been given for each product