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Required factors:

A valid eBay business seller account. We cannot link ChannelUnity to personal seller accounts.
A valid cart that ChannelUnity is able to integrate with. At the moment this can be either: Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, ZenCart or 3dCart. Alternatively we can supply you with the required documentation if you wish to integrate with us via our API.
A valid PayPal account.


Desirable additional features:


Item specifics mapped out in separate fields in your cart.

For example, if you wish to list in the mobile phones category on eBay, information such as battery life, screen size etc in separate fields in your cart would required if you wish to use eBay's Item Specific section.


EAN, MPN, ISBN or any other product relevant codes.

These are not a requirement on eBay at the moment, but having this information can be beneficial to your listings.

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