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Listing Themes are product page templates which can be used to layout a page on the marketplace to describe your product (primarily for eBay).

These child articles describe the various features provided in Listing Themes.


Active content update for June 2017

ChannelUnity has updated its default listing theme to comply with eBays requirements to remove active content such as javascript, and to also make allow a more mobile friendly format.

This is now available in Setup > Listing Themes > Select Theme from Unity Store. It is free to add and can be modified to suit your requirements. 


There is an option for a logo of your company, which you can modify by right-clicking on it, then select image properties. The URL of your hosted logo image can then be pasted in. This will not show on mobile devices to cut down on space and speed up loading.

If you do not wish to use a logo you can left click and delete it.

The various policies are taken from the listing setting of your item by default, but you can type in your own data onto the template instead if you wish. The default Shipping policy is purely the shipping method only so it is recommended to change this to be more customer friendly.


To apply the theme to your items:

Once it has been added to your account you can then apply it to your items in Listings > Manage Listings > Select All > Actions > Apply Listing Setting/Theme

If you are still using our old interface (your inventory screen looks like this):

Then you may want to switch to our new interface first, as this allows you to apply your theme without having to specify a listing setting first.



After applying, you can then Select All > Actions > Reupload products. This will update your existing items to the new theme.


Your existing templates will not be affected by this change, meaning if no action is taken to replace your existing themes, then they may not comply with eBays regulations.




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