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This article will take you through each of the listing statuses that are in ChannelUnity, and how your products move between these statuses; whether it’s with an action from you, or an automatic update.

This article assumes you have gone through the initial set up processes and have at least connected your store, a valid marketplace, described your product fields and categories, and created listing settings (where applicable). If you have not done all parts of the initial setup process please click here to view all our related help and support articles.

 Start in your ChannelUnity account, and click on: Listings. This should then bring you to a screen that looks like this:


Listing Statuses:

All Products: Items that we have imported from your store will first appear in this listing status.

Create New Listings:-

           Not Listed: Items that have not yet been listed to the selected marketplace, or placed in the Ignore status

           Ignore: Items that have been moved from the Not Listed status to prevent them from being accidentally listed.

Manage Listings:-

          Uploading: This is where you will see the uploading status of your items once they have been seleced to list

          Fix Required: This is where you will find listings that have error messages returned to them from the selected channel. Click here to go to our Errors Returned Appendix for suggestions to resolve different types of errors for each marketplace.

          Listed: This is where all items that have been successfully listed onto the selected channel will appear. From here you will be able to cancel and pause your listings.

          Paused: This is where items that have been manually paused will appear.

Enabling Listing Settings and Themes

If you need help creating listing settings, please click here. If you require help creating listing themes, please click here.

Start in your ChannelUnity account, and click on Listings. You can apply Listing Settings and Themes to products under any status in Create New Listing or Manage Listing. You will not be able to apply these using the All Products tab. Now, manually select the products you wish to apply the Listing Setting/Theme to

This example will show you how to apply the same listing setting and theme to all your listings.

Click on 'Select Page' at the bottom of the list to select all products on the currently displayed page. Click 'Select All' to select multiple pages of products (Up to the first 10,000). 



Then at the top of the products list, click the 'Action' menu to open the drop down and select 



This should then bring you to a screen that looks like this. From here you can select your desired listings settings and themes and then then select "Save".



You can now see on the next screen that loads that the listing settings and themes have been applied.



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