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This article describes how to set a different price for your marketplace listings versus your website.

By default, ChannelUnity uses the same price value as on your website for your marketplace listings. However there are many reasons why you might want to have a different price when listing on marketplaces. One reason is you may wish to add a percentage to cover marketplace fees. You may also want to add shipping cost into your marketplace prices so that you can offer free shipping on the marketplace.

This guide shows how to override the price value with a custom price for ChannelUnity. For clarity we have assumed you are using an Amazon channel, but the same instructions apply equally for other channels. 

1. Identify a field in Bigcommerce (e.g. Bin picking number) which will contain the Amazon price incl. shipping.


2. Input the relevant price into the field.

3. Adjust the field mappings in ChannelUnity as follows:
4. Click Setup - Describe Product Fields. 
5. In the Common Fields section, modify the field mapping for the price onto the Bin picking number field, or whatever field you are using. (this only needs to be done once). Click Save Changes.



The prices will update on Amazon automatically after about 20-30 minutes.

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