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How to link your 3dCart store to ChannelUnity

In order to link ChannelUnity to your store, you need to configure the API Settings in 3dCart.

1. Login to the 3dCart Online Store Manager.

2. Select 'Modules' in the left menu panel and scroll down to the SOAP API module. Expand it with the green 'Plus' icon, and click on 'Change Settings'


3. Tick "Enable API" and "Enable Advanced API".

4. Take a copy of your API User Key and the name of the Admin user.


If you wish, you can restrict access to your 3DCart API to specific IP Addresses. If you are enabling the 3DCart API for the first time, we recommend restricting API access. To set this up:
  • Find the 'Add New IP' button
  • Use this button twice to enter our two IP addresses: &

5. Click save to complete the changes

6. You can now enter the Admin user and API key into ChannelUnity to complete the connection of your cart.

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