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This article will take you through the Channel Settings that are in ChannelUnity, and how these settings affect the way to pass information from your cart to your chosen marketplace.

This article assumes you have gone through the initial setup processes and have at least connected your store, a valid marketplace, described product fields and categories, and created listing settings (where applicable). If you have not done all parts of the initial setup process please click here to view all our related help and support articles.

Start in your ChannelUnity account, and click on Listings. This should then bring you to a screen that looks like this:



Ensure you have selected the marketplace you wish to check to settings for on the top right menu, then use the 'Settings' button to open a drop down menu, and select 'Channel Settings'







Here you can see the main functions within this area of ChannelUnity: Main Settings,  Publication Options, Download Existing eBay Listings, Default Listing Settings and Repeat Setup Wizard. Note that some of these functions are only available for specific marketplaces.

Main Settings

The Main Settings area is split into two sections. Firstly the Connect an account section, where you can change the marketplace account to a new account if you so wish. Simply click on the blue, "Connect to a Marketplace Account" and follow the instructions given there in order to change the marketplace account associated within ChannelUnity.

The second section is where you can specify which store front you would like to connect your chosen marketplace to. This feature is especially useful if you have various store fronts optimised for languages. Simply use the drop-down to select the store front you wish to connect to, and then select "Save".

Publication Options
Under this section, you can enable or disable various Publication Options for the selected marketplace. Click here for more information about these options.

Download Existing eBay Listings

Default Listing Settings

Repeat Setup Wizard


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