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Important billing change for Shopify customers: Billing process for Shopify merchants

Adding payment details for the first time: 

When adding your billing address, and your address only uses Address Line 1, you must also clear Address Line 2 for the address data to save. This is due to our billing system ensuring that no default data is used in an address to force it to only accept 'real' information.

Not clearing this default data will continue to return to this page when trying to enter card details until it is cleared.


UK customers: Please ensure you select United Kingdom as your country. This affects VAT being applied to your invoice as required by law, unless you have a VAT code exempting you. Failure to do this may lead to backdated VAT being charged to you in the future. EU customers may also be required to pay VAT.

Billing Screen Description.

The Billing Screen is split into four separate sections:

Account History

This area in the billing section provides an overview of your current billing status on your account. Here you can see the Account Balance, the current pricing plan you are on and the last amount paid to us.


The channels sections shows your connected channels and there are options to edit your channel settings or remove your channels.

Invoices and Billing Information

On the invoices and billing information page you can see all of the invoices that have been generated for your account. There is also an option to download your invoices in PDF format.

Support Access

On the Support Access page, you can see your current pricing plan and also add Live Chat support to your plan.


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